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Chilika, Odisha

Chilika Lake is Odisha’s famous lake and a renowned tourist destination. It is Asia’s largest brackish water lake. It is dotted with some small islands. Two such famous islands are Breakfast Island and Honeymoon Island. It is a pear-shaped lake; it’s actually a lagoon because of its proximity to an ocean and because it is a saltwater body. This is the only lagoon in India where Dolphins are spotted and also the biggest coastal lagoon in India. Many tourists flock to Chilika Lake all year round with the desire to catch a glimpse of a dolphin. Everybody enjoys the boating ride in Chilika Lake. The area of the water body is approximately 1165 kilometers. Some exceptional varieties of avifauna are found in the area. Due to this, it is one of the most significant wetlands in the world. This lagoon becomes home to about 160 species of migratory birds during the winter months. Chilika Lake covers three districts of Odisha; Ganjam, Puri, and Khurda. This beautiful lake has nearly 225 assortments of fish. While taking the boat ride during the winter months, the atmosphere around reverberates with the lovely din of the seasonal and local birds. It is noteworthy to mention that many rare migratory birds come from all over the world, even as far as Siberia. Flamingos, in particular, are worth watching. The birds also come from the Himalayas, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. Chilika Lake is an important habitation and mating ground for aquatic, residents, and migratory birds. It has a very distinctive ecosystem that is called the Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary. The Irrawaddy Dolphins are the crown jewels of Chilika Lake. Rambha and Balugaon are the main towns that act as entry points for the lake. Another striking feature of Chilika Lake is its sunrise and sunset. Chilika Lake is fed by Bhargavi and Daya Rivers during all the months except December to June. At that time saline water enters through a small passage.