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Nigo Rooms Enterprises

Nigo Rooms is the first hotel room booking portal for micro stay, short stay, hourly stay in Odisha. It is exclusive for corporate, business travelers, solo travelers, Pilgrimage Travelers, Students, and basically anyone requiring rest for some time. Nigo Rooms stay hourly is a unique concept in Hospitality industry deals with "Stay hourly Pay Hourly " - Providing hotel rooms up to 75% off (compared to an full day stay) .       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Nigo Rooms believes that a stay at any hotel needs to be rewarding and convenient, that guests should feel that they have spent their top money wisely. They should leave with a feeling that the money spent was worth-while for the time they spent at the hotel.We know that every time you decide to go to a hotel, you will have only paid for the time you spent at the hotel. No more. No less.One need not pay for the entire day if their actual stay is for few hours only.      


         “ Don't pay for full day while you need for few hours